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Planning Checklist for Preplanning Funeral Arrangements at Union Cemetery
General Planning Steps

Gather Personal Information for Your Obituary: Compile essential details for your obituary, including your full name, birthdate, place of birth, family members’ names, and any significant life events or achievements.

Instructions for Services and Final Disposition: Make note of any specific instructions for your funeral services and final disposition. Share these preferences with your chosen funeral home and loved ones.

Planning Your Funeral Service

Choose Between Burial or Cremation: Decide whether you prefer burial or cremation as your final disposition method. Consider your personal beliefs and preferences.

Select a Casket or Cremation Container: If you opt for burial, choose a casket that reflects your style and preferences. For cremation, select a cremation container or urn that resonates with you.

Choose Locations and Types of Services: Determine the locations for your services, such as a church, the funeral home, or another meaningful place. Decide on the types of services, including funeral, memorial, or celebration of life.

Floral Arrangements: Specify your preferences for floral arrangements, including types of flowers, colors, and any preferred arrangements for your service.

Photographs and Memorabilia: Select which photographs, memorabilia, or personal items you’d like to have displayed during your services. These items can provide a glimpse into your life and memories.

Customs, Traditions, and Religious Rites: Consider any customs, traditions, or religious rites that are important to you and your family. Share these with your chosen clergy or officiator.

Clothing Preferences: Choose the clothing you’d like to be dressed in for your final farewell.

Music and Hymns: Specify any music selections or hymns you’d like to be included in your services. Music can evoke powerful emotions and add a personal touch to your farewell.

Decorations and Stationery Theme: If desired, select a theme for decorations and stationery used during your services. This can create a cohesive and meaningful atmosphere.

Participants in Your Services: Choose a Clergy Member or Officiator: Select a clergy member, religious leader, or officiator to preside over your services. Ensure they align with your faith and beliefs.

Musicians and Vocalists: If you desire live music, select musicians or vocalists whose talents you’d like to include in your services.

Pallbearers: Choose individuals to serve as pallbearers, responsible for carrying your casket during the funeral or memorial service.

Speakers and Eulogists: Decide if you’d like friends or family members to perform the eulogy, read scripture, or prepare a speech in your honor. Share your wishes with them.

Final Disposition Planning

Choose a Cemetery: Select a cemetery in Bakersfield or another location where you’d like to be laid to rest. Consider the cemetery’s environment and any special significance it holds for you.

Select a Burial Plot or Mausoleum: If you’ve chosen burial, specify the location of your burial plot or mausoleum within the chosen cemetery.

Memorial or Grave Marker: Decide on a memorial or grave marker design and inscription. This marker will serve as a lasting tribute to your memory.

Disposition of Ashes: If you opt for cremation, decide who will keep your urn and where it will be placed or displayed. If you plan to have your ashes scattered, specify who will be responsible for this task and where it should occur.

By meticulously considering and documenting these details in your preplanning checklist for funeral arrangements in Bakersfield, you ensure that your final wishes are honored, providing clarity and comfort to your loved ones during a challenging time.

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